Author Guidelines

VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY (formerly Zoologische Abhandlungen) is a scientific journal published by the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung. The official website of the journal is at The journal is published in parallel in a print version and an online version according to the Creative Commons Licence. Only manuscripts in English language are considered for publication.

Research fields covered by VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY are taxonomy, morphology, anatomy, phylogeny (molecular and morphology-based), historical biogeography, and palaeontology of vertebrates. Original contributions as well as reviews are welcome. Descriptions of new taxa should be integrated into a proper context (e.g. complete revision of a taxon, phylogenetic or biogeographical framework). Studied specimens have to be deposited in a public scientific collection to allow re-examination and reproducibility of results.

After acceptance of works including descriptions of new taxa, it is mandatory that the authors register the publication and the new taxa in ZooBank prior to publication. The digital object identifiers of ZooBank have to be included in the print and online versions of the respective article.

Submission of a manuscript implies that the same work has not been published or submitted elsewhere. For the structuring of manuscripts, please consult the most recent issue of VERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY. It is anticipated that authors make every effort to make the text concise and linguistically correct. Manuscripts not conforming to expectations are returned to the authors.

Please find our new author’s instructions (Author Guidelines) on the new Vertebrate Zoology website.