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Entomology Information Centre


SDEI's Entomology Information Centre at the Müncheberg site offers researchers and anyone interested in entomology a wide range of research opportunities.

Already in 1880 Gustav Kraatz propagated the idea to gather entomological information and to provide it to the public:

The Deutsche Entomologische National-Museum wants to combine collections and libraries, especially of German entomologists, to manage them and to make them accessible to all entomologists in a exclusive entomological managed Centre of German Entomology.1

Accordingly, the institute has in the course of time collected not only insects, books, periodicals and reprints, but also biographies and portraits of entomologists.

Furthermore, archive material and bibliographies of entomological relevance have, for example, also been collated. These sources of information allow not only access to existing material. They are also valuable, for example, in preparing new bibliographies. In a similar way, they were and still are a fundamental resource for the preparation of scientific journals, series and monographs which on the one hand publicise the existence and scope of these collections and on the other allow the continuous expansion of the library’s stock, through international exchange of literature.

The staff of the entomological library, the archive and the editorial panels of

work together with the team of the Division for Systematics and Biogeography on the collection, preparation, storage and presentation of current entomological information and thereby pursue the ideas and aims of the institute’s founder.

As specialized information, the institute makes available various types of media that can be useful in the organisation of entomological knowledge.

  1. Kraatz, G. 1880: Das Deutsche Entomologische Nationalmuseum und die bisherigen Erklärungen zu Gunsten desselben. – Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift, Berlin 9-14.