The historical collection contains only about 100 dry compounds of scorpions, spiders, ticks and other groups. In 1964 was the beginning of the establishment of the first mite collection with oribatid mites followed by the collections of spiders and harvest spiders (1971), predatory mites (1984), pseudoscorpions (1987), ticks (1994) and uropodid mites (1997). All parts of the collection are enlarged by sampling, purchase and acquisition of determined material.

Parts of Collection

ARANEAE WEB SPIDERS recent and fossil1028 species 53.927 determined individuals AQUILA 208 species holo- and paratypes fossil recent Locations: Europe, Baltic states, Domicanian Republic Collections: R. Graul, F. Sander, J. Wunderlich Type material: J. Wunderlich
OPILIONES HARVEST SPIDERS 36 species 2.954 determined individuals Location: Central Europe Collection: K. Lippold
PSEUDOSCORPIONES PSEUDOSCORPIONS58 species 22.070 determined individuals Location: Central Europe Collection: K. Lippold
RICINULEI HOODED TICKSPIDERS fossil2 species Holotypen 2 determined individuals Location: Myanmar Collection: J. Wunderlich
MESOSTIGMATA GAMASINA - GAMASINA MITES 310 species 13.270 determined individuals EDAPHOBASE 71 species holo- and paratypes VIRMISCO Locations: Central Europe, Central and South Amerika, Antarctis Type material: W. Karg, G. Dosse, F. Faraji, A. Christian, A. Nemati
UROPODINA - UROPODINA MITES193 species 3.926 determined individuals 67 species holo- and paratypes VIRMISCO Location: Central Europe Collection: M. Hutu, J. Starý Type material: M. Hutu, Z. Feider, J. Kontschán & J. Starý
IXODIDA TICKS13 species 1.576 determined individuals Location: Central Europe
SARCOPTIFORMES ORIBATIDA - ORIBATID MITES1.409 species 133.899 determined individuals 304 species holo- and paratypes A-J K-P R-Z Location: Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia Collection: J. Starý, G. Weigmann Type materials: M. Moritz, L. Beck, G. Weigmann, G. Krisper, L. Miko, R. Schuster, T. Schwalbe, J. Stary, T. Pfingstl, B. Bayartogtokh, S.G. Ermilov, E.A. Hugo-Coetzee
ACARIDIDA 3 species 8 determined individuals Location: Europe
TROMBIDIFORMES65 species 7 species Holo- and Paratypes 1.238 determined individuals Locations: Europe, Asia Type material: G. Dosse, J. Starý
FOSSIL MITES3 species holotypes AQUILA 3 determined individuals Location: Baltic states Type material: M. Judson, J. Dunlop