Lasius emarginatus tending the aphid Aphis padagrariae. A hoverfly larva of the genus Paragus preing on the aphids is tolerated by the ant.

Pterygote Insects

Our main field of activity is Numeric-Morphology-Based-Alpha-Taxonomy (NUMOBAT) of the ant genera Camponotus, Cardiocondyla, Bothriomyrmex, Formica, Hypoponera, Lasius, Myrmica, Leptothorax, Tapinoma, Temnothorax and Tetramorium. The ants collection contains over 900 species from around 100 genera and focuses on the Palearctic.


Revision of Formica s.str. / high resolution download here

Revision of Lasius s.str.

The Gene And Gene Expression species concept

Formica truncorum gyne
Formica truncorum queen
Formica polyctena gyne
Formica polyctena queen
Formica candida worker
Formica candida worker
Lasius emarginatus worker
Lasius emarginatus worker
Myrmecia Gynander
Myrmecia Gynander
Myrmica hirsuta queen
Myrmica microrubra
Myrmica microrubra queen
Myrmica hirsuta gyne
Myrmica gebaueri worker