Nova Supplementa Entomologica Vol. 26.2020
Volume 26.2020: Nearctic Tenthredo: a monograph of the verticalis and prosopa groups (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae).

Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut

Nova Supplementa Entomologica

The series “Nova Supplementa Entomologica” (ISSN 0948-6038) was founded in 1985 by the Deutsches Entomologisches Institut and is self-published.

The series includes, among other things, catalogues that index the collection, library and archive holdings of the Institute, as well as special bibliographies, inventories and catalogues of insect groups. The series is internationally reviewed.

The current volume of the Nova Supplementa Entomologica is Volume 26.2020, published on 07.07.2020

Current Volume

VOLUME 26.2020: Henri Goulet: Nearctic Tenthredo: a monograph of the verticalis and prosopa groups (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae).

1300 figures

178 pages

Published on 2020-07-07

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Two groups of Tenthredo associated with the verticalis lineage are reviewed. The species of both groups are found east of the Rocky Mountains with a centre of diversity along the Appalachian range. All species are native to North America.
Thirteen new species are described, all belonging to the verticalis group: Tenthredo applachicola, T. bilucens, T. binotata, T. cingulatoides, T. elongata, T. fawnae, T. flaviocciput, T. gibsoni, T. lucifer, T. micheleae, T. nigritarsalis, T. paraverticalis, T. rufiscutum. Four new synonyms are proposed: Tenthredo glacialis Ross, 1931, syn. nov. of T. carolina (Rohwer, 1913); T. borealis Kirby, 1882 (a primary homonym), syn. nov. of T. bella (T. nordica Goulet nom. nov. for T. bella Cresson, 1880, a primary homonym); T. angulata Norton, 1864, syn. nov. of T. lobata (Norton, 1860); T. nortoni Smulyan, 1915, syn. nov. of T. lobata (Norton, 1860), and T. pallicola MacGillivray, 1895, syn. nov. of T. eximia Norton, 1868. Three previously synonymized species are re-instated: Tenthredo cingulata Provancher, 1878 [a primary homonym renamed here as Tenthredo leoni Goulet, nom. nov.], T. nova MacGillivray, 1897 (incorrectly synonymized under T. eximia which belong to another species group), and T. rubripes MacGillivray, 1900 [a primary homonym renamed here as T. transversolinea Goulet, nom. nov.]. Tenthredo mantha Ross, 1951, a replacement name for Tenthredella lobata maculosa Smulyan, 1915, was considered to be unnecessary and Tenthredo maculosa (Smulyan) is re-instated.
Lectotypes are designated for Allantus angulifer Norton, 1860, A. mellinus Norton, 1860, Tenthredo formosus Norton, 1864, T. eximius Norton, 1868, T. borealis W. F. Kirby, 1882, T. bilineatus MacGillivray, 1895, T. novus MacGillivray, 1897, T. simulatus MacGillivray, 1897, T. rubripes MacGillivray, 1900, T. causatus MacGillivray, 1900, and T. rutata MacGillivray, 1923. A neotype is designated for Tenthredo verticalis Say, 1824.
Keys to lineages of Nearctic Tenthredo and to some groups within the verticalis lineage are provided to help the user in recognizing the species groups reviewed here.
All species of the two groups are keyed. Each group of species is characterized and taxonomic notes are provided. For each species, the following (if available and/or pertinent) is included: synonymic list, diagnosis, description of the known sexes, geographical variation, taxonomic notes, derivation of the specific epithet, biological notes, phenology and distribution range.

Key words

Nearctic, species key, description of taxa, distribution

Nomenclatural acts

Tenthredo applachicola spec. nov. –
Tenthredo bilucens spec. nov. –
Tenthredo binotata spec. nov. –
Tenthredo cingulatoides spec. nov. –
Tenthredo elongata spec. nov. –
Tenthredo fawnae spec. nov. –
Tenthredo flaviocciput spec. nov. –
Tenthredo gibsoni spec. nov. –
Tenthredo leoni nom. nov. –
Tenthredo lucifer spec. nov. –
Tenthredo micheleae spec. nov. –
Tenthredo nigritarsalis spec. nov. –
Tenthredo nordica nom. nov. –
Tenthredo paraverticalis spec. nov. –
Tenthredo rufiscutum spec. nov. –
Tenthredo transversolinea nom. nov. –