Mesocosm Hall

With four terrestrial mesocosm rooms and seven zoological and botanical climatic chambers, the mesocosm hall in the SBiK-F courtyard is an important experimental facility for Senckenberg.

In the terrestrial mesocosms, the effects of a wide range of climate scenarios (temperature, precipitation regime) on soil communities can be investigated. The climatic chambers are suitable for displaying temperature and humidity scenarios between 4 ° C and 40 ° C, as well as 30-100% humidity in almost any chronological order. In addition, various lighting scenarios in daylight quality can be run through in the botanical chambers.

With this unique opportunity to experimentally test hypotheses about the impact of past, present or future climate scenarios on biodiversity, the infrastructure of the Mesocosm Hall contributes significantly to Senckenberg’s goal of understanding geobiodiversity in the Earth system.