Molecular Laboratory Centre

The SBiK-F laboratory is designed as a methods-oriented facility with the capacity to carry out ANY molecular genetics analyses required at the centre, thereby enabling the development of autonomous research and methods in the field of ecological genomics and automated taxonomic identification of biodiversity. As a central, high-capacity molecular genetics centre, the laboratory is designed to satisfy the needs of most projects of SBiK-F in the field of methods development and high throughput-tests for molecular genetics.
To meet the requirements of the various research activities, the latest techniques in terms of high-throughput sequencing, DNA microarray chips, and fragment analyses need to be implemented.
The tasks of the molecular genetics laboratory therefore include:

(a) independent, top-level eco-genomic research in the areas of genetic adaptation to climate change and automated taxonomic identification,
(b) project-oriented cooperation with partners of the Centre and
(c) follow-up on technologies and methods in the field of molecular phylogeny, phylogeography and molecular ecology, as well as assistance in accessing these methods.