Marine Research

“Moin” And welcome!
The Marine Science Department in Wilhelmshaven with its four divisions (Actuopalaeontology, Marine Biology, Marine Geology and Marine Sedimentology) links geological and biological questions of the nearshore Wadden Sea and the open shelf. The regional focus, naturally, concentrates on the North Sea. The Marine Science Department is also linked to international joint research projects and hence takes active part in the geo-biological investigation of the continental edges and seamounts in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

Furthermore, we investigate the coastal development of the North Sea since the end of the last glacial period and hence are an important co-operation partner in the Nordwest-Verbund Meeresforschung, regarding the actual subjects sea level change and coastal preservation. Against the background of a changing North Sea, concerning sea level rise, increasing tem-peratures, species invasion and increased economic utilisation (wind farms, tourism, resources, shipping traffic, etc.), the Marine Science Department is increasingly involved in projects of socio-economic relevance, regarding the Flora-Fauna-Habitat Richtlinie (FFH) and the Vogelschutzrichtlinie (VRL) in the German exclusive economic zone (EEZ). For these purposes, the Senckenberg Marine Science Department in Wilhelmshaven has many biological long-term series spanning several decades, which clearly document the change of the North Sea. With its research vessel “Senckenberg” and its work boats operational in the Wadden Sea, the Marine Science Department can be found almost daily “on site”.