Dr. Damir Kovac in the former collection room of Entomology I. Since the end of 2018 the collections are stored in the former main building of the Goethe University Frankfurt (Jügelhaus).

Terrestrial Zoology

Entomology I

The collections of Entomology I contain Beetles (Coleoptera), Thrips (Thysanoptera) and Twisted-Wing Parasites (Strepsiptera).

Our research activities focus on animals inhabiting bamboo in Southeast Asia, especially insects occurring in water-filled bamboo cavities (bamboo phytotelmata). Our research areas are taxonomy (describing new species) and ecology (life cycles, behavioural ecology, structure and functioning of animal communities).


The Section of Entomology was founded in 1822 by four entomologically interested citizens of Frankfurt under the chairmanship of Carl von Heyden (1793-1866). The collections were maintained by volunteers until 1919, for example by Lucas von Heyden (1838-1915), the founder of Hessian beetle faunistics. The first part time salaried position as curator was created in 1919 and filled by the world renowned lepidopterologist Adalbert Seitz (1869-1938). After his death Dr. Elli Franz (1896-1983) became the sections first full time curator in 1938. After her retirement Entomology was subdivided into four independent sections. Section Entomology I was founded in 1967 and led by Dr. Richard zur Strassen (1926-2013). In 1992 Dr. Damir Kovac became his successor.

A survey of the history of Section Entomology I is given by Elli Franz (Senck. biol., Sonderheft B, 48: 55-72, 1967) and Richard zur Strassen (175 Jahre Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Jubiläumsband 2, Sektion Entomologie I, 87-95, 1994).