Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald 1937 in Bandung, Indonesia. In front of him on the table is, among other things, the Sangiran II skull (right next to his left hand).

von Koenigswald-Lecture

Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald  goes online!
Windows into Human Diversity: Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald and his palaeoanthropological legacy
The annual G.H.R. von Koenigswald Lecture will be replaced by a series of 6 videos. The first episodes are already out and you can watch them on this page or on the Senckenberg YouTube Channel; the other episodes will follow in the next months.

The six videos tell the story of Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald, the German-Dutch Palaeoanthropologist who discovered fossils of human ancestors on the island of Java in the first half of the last century. Six videos outline the search and ongoing research activities trying to decipher processes of human evolution. The video series explains how palaeoanthropological research contributes to our understanding of the evolution of hominins and the biocultural diversity of humans alive today.

1Hominin Expansions into South East Asia: The search for the cradle of humankind and the hominin site Sangiran on Java.
2Origins and life history of Homo erectus: How early humans lived out of Africa
3The largest hominid that ever lived (Gigantopithecus): Big Foot, Yeti & co
4Hominin and Hominid Diversity in South East Asia (Meganthropus): humans, apes and robust teeth
5Hominin Expansions across South East Asia: The arrival of modern humans
6The future of the of the GHR v Koenigswald Collection in Frankfurt: Exploring human biocultural diversity
Episode 1: Hominin Expansions into South East Asia: The search for the cradle of humankind and the hominin site Sangiran on Java
Episode 2: Origins and Life History of Homo erectus: How early Humans lived out of Africa

Featuring: Debbie Argue (Canberra) * Tim Bromage (New York) * Christopher Dean (London) * Fabrice Demeter (Paris) * Birgit Denkel-Oswalt (Frankfurt) * Florent Détroit (Paris) * Miriam Haidle (Frankfurt) * Christine Hemm (Frankfurt) * Christine Hertler (Frankfurt) * Ericson Hölzchen (Frankfurt) * Nina Jablonski (State College) * Renaud Joannes-Boyau (Lismore) * Don Johanson (Tempe) * Yousuke Kaifu (Tokyo) * Albrecht Graf von Kalnein (Bad Homburg) * Susanne Krüger (Frankfurt) * Jülide  Kubat (Paris) * Ottmar Kullmer (Frankfurt) * Mylene Lising (Manila) * Juliën Lubeek (Sydney) * Elke Pantak-Wein (Frankfurt) * Mika Puspaningrum (Bandung) * Friedemann Schrenk (Frankfurt) * Lisa Schisanowski (Frankfurt) * Lauren Schroeder (Toronto) * Pat Shipman (State College) * Paul Storm (Leiden) * Chris Stringer (London) * Rebekka Volmer (Manila) * John de Vos (Leiden) * Wei Wang (Shandong) * Nicole Webb (Zurich) * Frido Welker (Copenhagen) * Kira Westaway (Sydney) * Harry Widianto (Jakarta) * Yahid Zaim (Bandung) * Clément Zanolli (Bordeaux) * Yingqui Zhang (Beijing) * LingXia Zhao (Beijing)

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