Participating modelling groups

Model Responsible Scientist Contact details
CLM Fang Li lifang (at)
CTEM v2.0 Joe Melton joe.melton (at)
JULES-INFERNO Chantelle Burton chantelle.burton (at)
LPJ-GUESS-BLAZE Lars Nieradzik lars.nieradzik (at)
LPJ-GUESS-GlobFIRM Stijn Hantson hantson.stijn (at)
MC2-fire Dominique Bachelet dominique (at)
ORCHIDEE-SPITFIRE Philippe Ciais, Chao Yue philippe.ciais (at), chaoyue (at)
LPJmL-SPITFIRE Markus Drüke drueke (at)
LPJ-LMfire Jed Kaplan Jkaplan (at)

A large number of people besides the actual modellers have contributed to the project, the list of names below is incomplete but indicates the broad network of people who helped to developed the simulation protocol, performed analysis of simulations or organized workshops.

Project and Protocol developmentAlmut Arneth, Stijn Hantson, Sandy Harrison, Pat Bartlein, Jed Kaplan, Stephen Sitch, Silvia Kloster, Matthew Forrest, Gitta Lasslop
Model evaluation, documentation and synthesisDouglas Kelley, Matthias Forkel, Sam Rabin, Niels Andela, Margreet van Marle, Lina Teckentrup, Chao Wu, Fang Li, Stijn Hantson, Gitta Lasslop
Model evaluation, documentation and synthesisSally Archibald, Carla Staver, Stephen Arnold, Florent Mouillot, Anina Gilgen, Thomas Hickler, Andrea Meyn, Colin Prentice, Guido van der Werf