Phanerogams I


Projects and collaborations


Biodiversity in cultural landscapes of Central Europe

GISA – Genetic Informations for the Protection of Arable field herbs

Integrative Analysis of the influence of pesticides and land use on biodiversity in Germany (INPEDIV)

MoSaiKTeiL – Moors, sand, pines and ponds of Lusatia

Finished Projects:

Ex-situ conservation Comparison of reproductive traits and population genetics of wild and garden populations of selected arable plants

BioChange Germany Losses (and gains) in diversity of northern German agricultural landscapes over the last 5 decades

Invasionbiology of Rosa rubiginosa: comparative analysis in native ranges of Central Europe and in invasive ranges of Argentina

Land use and climate change in Mongolian drylands

MORE STEP – Mobility at risk: Sustaining the Mongolian Steppe Ecosystem

Finished Projects:

Responses of plant performance and functional diversity along a climate and land use gradient in Mongolia

  • Biogeographical analysis of flora and vegetation of southern Mongolian drylands

Population genetics and evolutionary biology of two key dryland species: Artemisia frigida Willd and A. scoparia Waldst. & Kit. (Anthemideae, Asteraceae) 

  • PhD Oyundelger Khurelpurev

University Partnership Mongolia Capacity building to improve research and teaching facilities in Mongolia 

WATERCOPE Supporting national research capacity and policy development to cope with dwindling water resources and intensifying land use in the transborder Altay-Dzungarian region of Mongolia and China

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