Permanent Slides of Apterygota

The collection of Apterygota includes about 5.000.000 individuals with ca. 1.100.000 determinated specimens, 597 species and 220 types (55 primary types). In 1959, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Dunger started with the first specimens and since 1987, Dr. Hans-Jürgen Schulz continue the collecting with emphasis on palaearctic Collembola species. Research projects mainly deliver new specimens for the collection (see research).

Dr. Gerhard Bretfeld (Zoological Institute of the University of Kiel), an outstanding researcher on Symphypleona, gave his collection to the SMNG in 2007. The precious holo- and paratypes from Israel, Yemen, South Africa, Colombia and Russia and many European species are preserved in alcohol or are permanent preparations.


Publications Collection

The literature database includes over 8100 reprints, mainly taxonomic work on palearctic collembola.