Paranota ensifera
Paranota ensifera (Boheman, 1854) on field in Mato Grosso (Brazil)

Senckenberg German Entomological Institute



The Coleoptera section is the largest section in the Senckenberg German Entomological Institute, which accounts for ca. 40% of all specimens. This is due to the particular interest of the founder of the institute, Ernst Gustav Kraatz (1831-1909) and other scientists working there, such as Walther Horn (1871-1939), Karl-Heinz Mohr (1925-1989) and Sigmund Schenkling (1865-1946).

The collection is one of the largest in Europe, with more  than 2 million specimens and ca. 15.000 primary types. It is continually expanding, thanks to expeditions, exchange with institutes and specialists, and donations from other institutes and private entomologists .

Today the section is headed by Dr. Marianna Simões, whose research focuses on probing  macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns and processes that shaped evolution and diversification of leaf beetles (Chrysomeloidea), one of the largest groups of phytophagous beetles (ca 37,000 described species).