The collection houses more than 26 000 specimens from more than 1 200 species. There are mainly skulls, skins but also skeletons and some material in alcohol. 

Our research is mainly embedded in the research area Biodiversity and Systematics.

Focus of the research work is the participation in the project: Identifying the genomic loci underlying mammalian phenotypic variability using Forward Genomics with Semantic Phenotypes (hier Modul M1: Phenotyping“) of the interdisciplenary project which is funded by the Lebnitz Gemeinschaft (2016-2019)
The Project is reslised in a network in including 
PhD student: Maria Jähde


Prof. Hermann Ansorge, Senckenberg Görlitz, SAW Projekt, Wölfe
Prof. Jochen Hampe, Universitätsklinik TU Dresden
Dr. Nikolai Hecker, MPI Dresden
Dr. Micheal Hiller, MPI Dresden
Dr. Thomas Lehmann, Senckenberg Frankfurt, SAW Projekt, Kopidodon (Messel fossil)
Dr., P.D. Irina Ruf, Seckenberg Frankfurt, SAW Projekt
Dr. Heiko Stuckas, Senckenberg Dresden, SAW Projekt, genetics of chiroptera and shrews
Prof. Dr. Elly Tanaka, IMP Wien, SAW Projekt

Prof. Dr. Madelaeine Böhme, Senckenberg Tübingen, HEP, taxonomy of fossil Castoridae
Dr. Lutz Maul, Senckenberg Weimar, fossile Castoridae
Dr. P.D. Thomas Moers, Reichsmuseum Stockholm, fossile NagetiereProf. Leonid Rekovets, Universität Breslau, fossile Castoridae
Vitalii Demeshkant, pHd Student, University of Breslau, tooth enamel of equidae and Cervidae

Other research includes morphological and ecological aspects of Rodents and Carnivora (eg.. Castor fiber, Lutra lutra, Felis silvestris).

   More on the European wildcat Felis silvestris (in German only) 


More on the Mammals of Saxony

In cooperation with the “Projektrguppe Säugetiere Sachsens” a bibliography on mammals from Saxony is maintained and the latest version from Dezembre 2011 can be found here.

Here are some informations on the distribution in an around Dresden (in German only) .