Senckenberg Distinguished Lecture Series

Emerging Frontiers in Nature Research 

The Distinguished Lecture Series brings internationally renowned scholars and other intellectual and civic leaders to Senckenberg. In addition to the featured lecture, each visit typically includes discussions or a public event designed to engage a wide range of Senckenberg scientists.



We are thrilled to announce the first lecture in the new “Senckenberg Distinguished Lecture Series.” Throughout the year, outstanding scientists from the international community who agreed to participate in the Lecture Series will present talks on the overarching theme of “Emerging Frontiers in Nature Research.”

With this lecture series we aim to create a new, primarily internationally oriented platform for networking and exchange, for creating synergies and inspired discussions – in short: a further component to add to our lively scientific and curiosity-driven in-house culture.

On April 4 at 2:00 p.m., Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius (marine biologist, director of the AWI) will present the first lecture in the series, entitled “The changing Arctic – How life reacts in the ice and the deep sea.

The event will take place at the Frankfurt location in the Green Lecture Hall of the Arthur-von-Weinberg-Haus (the lecture will be streamed via YouTube).

The lecture and discussion will be followed by an apéro, which will provide further opportunity for exchange. Additional information can be found on the leaflet (see below). 

We look forward to welcoming many of you! No registration is required.

April 4, 2023Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius
June 6, 2023Prof. Dr. Alex Rogers
October 10, 2023Prof. Dr. Christian Wirth
November 7, 2023Prof. Dr. Johan Rockström

Lecture #1

The changing Arctic. How life reacts in the ice and the deep sea.

The region around the North Pole is warming nearly four times faster than the global average for the planet, and the sharp decline in sea ice in particular is causing significant ecological changes. But how can we find out if something is changing when there is hardly any data available? Antje Boetius reports on the diversity of habitats in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean, and on the processes that create a direct link between the fate of sea ice and the benthic communities. She then presents future strategies for studies in the polar regions.


About the lecturer

Prof. Dr. Antje Boetius is a Frankfurt-born marine researcher and microbiologist, and the director of the Alfred Wegener Institute. She investigates unexplored habitats of the Arctic Ocean, with a focus on the effect of climate change on polar regions. She has been awarded the Communicator Prize of the DFG and the German Environmental Award.