Sammlung Lepidoptera

Entomology II


Main focus of the collection of Entomology II

The main focus in research are Lepidoptera (or moths and butterflies); however, there are also collections of many other insect orders as shown on the introductory page.  The collections comprise dried insects, specimens in fluid alcohol, and microscopic slides. For all insect orders studied there are also important library references, especially separates and monographies, in the section library.

Many important private collections have been integrated since 1822 into the collections of the section.

To name a few special ones:

  • Lepidoptera (and other insects) collected on the Philippines by Carl Semper and described primarily by Georg Semper in the mid-19th century with most of the types.
  • Material collected by Max Saalmüller (especially Lepidoptera of Madagascar) with many types.
  • The Lepidoptera collection of Adalbert Seitz (especially neotropical Riodinidae).

Entomology II has access to and will later have transferred to the museum the extremely large Philippine and SE Asian butterfly and moth collection of Research Associate Colin G. Treadaway, F.R.E.S., assembled over many years through numerous expeditions to the Philippines and SE Asia. With the combination of the Semper and the Treadaway collections, this represents presently probably the largest collection, world-wide, of Lepidoptera of the Philippines, with a large number of primary and secondary types.

The former private special collection of Bombycoidea of the head of section W. A. Nässig, which is presently being integrated into the main collection of the section, is the basis for a meanwhile important research collection of this group (especially families Saturniidae, Brahmaeidae, Eupterotidae and Bombycidae). For further information, consult also .

Within the Lepidoptera collection, the “Hessian State Collection of Lepidoptera” is currently being built up, containing comparative material and singletons published in literature, in cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hessischer Lepidopterologen [“Working Group of Hessian Lepidopterologists”, Arge HeLep].

Cooperation exists with the Hessian entomological societies:

Entomologischer Verein Apollo e.V. 
Internationaler Entomologischer Verein (IEV)