Fossile Kleinsäuger aus der Sammlung
Fossil small mammals from the collection

Messel Research & Mammalogy


The section Palaeomammalogy was created in 2008 as part of the Messel Research Dept.

The main topic of this research group is the study of “Mammalian Evolution and Biodiversity”. Three key moments in the evolutionary history of Mammals are of particular interest:

  1. the Eocene Radiation in Eurasia;
  2. the Competition between the endemic African Mammals and Eurasian migrants at the Oligo-Miocene boundary in East Africa; and
  3. the Inventory and Conservation of Biodiversity in the “Anthropocene” age.

In that endeavour, the section fosters close relationships with national and international institutions and collaborates on diverse research projects (see Research). Furthermore, results are passed on to the general public in form of Conferences, popular scientific articles and events.

The research done by the Section Palaeomammalogy is mainly contributing to the research areas Biodiversity and Systematics as well as Biodiversity and Earth System Dynamics.