Our research activities focus on the herpetofauna of the Neotropics (Central and South America, Mexico, and the West Indies) and Southeast Asia.

The basis of our research is a species inventory of the given region with a taxonomic treatment of its faunal elements. Then, based on  morphological, bioacoustic, ecological, zoogeographic, and molecular genetic data, we evaluate the phylogenetic relationships of the species in question and establish hypotheses for the evolution of the studied taxa. Statistical analyses of the zoogeography of the species assemblages are also part of our work. Inventories and mapping of species at our study sites led to the discovery and identification of numerous new species (see table below). Furthermore, we generate a wealth of new ecological data during our field research and increase the current knowledge on the
biology of many species.

Since 1995, the genus Anolis is the animal group we have studied most intensively. More than one third of the 96 species of Anolis currently known to occur in Central America have been described or resurrected by us. With close to 400 recognized species, the genus Anolis provides great opportunities to study various aspects of speciation.

New species of amphibians and reptiles described by Köhler et al.

Class Family Original Name Authors Year Current Name Country
Amphibia Bufonidae Bufo chavin Lehr, Köhler, Aguilar & Ponce 2001 Rhinella chavin Peru
Amphibia Craugastoridae Craugastor chingopetaca Köhler & Sunyer 2006 Craugastor chingopetaca Nicaragua
Amphibia Craugastoridae Eleutherodactylus coffeus McCranie & Köhler 1999 Craugastor coffeus Honduras
Amphibia Craugastoridae Phrynopus dagmarae Lehr, Aguilar & Köhler 2002 Phrynopus dagmarae Peru
Amphibia Craugastoridae Phrynopus horstpauli Lehr, Köhler & Ponce 2000 Phrynopus horstpauli Peru
Amphibia Craugastoridae Phrynopus kauneorum Lehr, Aguilar & Köhler 2002 Phrynopus kauneorum Peru
Amphibia Craugastoridae Pristimantis ventriguttatus Lehr & Köhler 2007 Pristimantis ventriguttatus Peru
Amphibia Dicroglossidae Fejervarya kupitzi Köhler, Mogk, Kaing & Than 2019 Fejervarya kupitzi Myanmar
Amphibia Eleutherodactylidae Diasporus citrinobapheus Hertz, Hauenschild, Lotzkat & Köhler 2012 Diasporus citrinobapheus Panama
Amphibia Eleutherodactylidae Diasporus darienensis Batista, Köhler, Mebert, Hertz & Vesely 2016 Diasporus darienensis Panama
Amphibia Eleutherodactylidae Diasporus majeensis Batista, Köhler, Mebert, Hertz & Vesely 2016 Diasporus majeensis Panama
Amphibia Eleutherodactylidae Diasporus pequeno Batista, Köhler, Mebert, Hertz & Vesely 2016 Diasporus pequeno Panama
Amphibia Eleutherodactylidae Diasporus sapo Batista, Köhler, Mebert, Hertz & Vesely 2016 Diasporus sapo Panama
Amphibia Eleutherodactylidae Eleutherodactylus geitonos Díaz, Incháustegui, Marte, Köhler, Cádiz & Rodríguez 2018 Eleutherodactylus geitonos Dominican Republic
Amphibia Hylidae Dendropsophus rozenmani Jansen, Santana, Teixeira & Köhler 2019 Dendropsophus rozenmani Bolivia
Amphibia Hylidae Ecnomiohyla bailarina Batista, Hertz, Mebert, Köhler, Lotzkat, Ponce, Vesely 2014 Ecnomiohyla bailarina Panama
Amphibia Hylidae Ecnomiohyla veraguensis Batista, Hertz, Mebert, Köhler, Lotzkat, Ponce, Vesely 2014 Ecnomiohyla veraguensis Panama
Amphibia Leptodactylidae Hydrolaetare caparu Jansen, Gonzales-Àlvarez & Köhler 2007 Hydrolaetare caparu Bolivien
Amphibia Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa chucantiensis Batista, Köhler, Mebert & Vesely 2014 Bolitoglossa chucantiensis Panama
Amphibia Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa indio Sunyer, Lotzkat, Hertz, Wake, Alemán, Robleto & Köhler 2008 Bolitoglossa indio Nicaragua
Amphibia Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa insularis Sunyer, Lotzkat, Hertz, Wake, Alemán, Robleto & Köhler 2008 Bolitoglossa insularis Nicaragua
Amphibia Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa jugivagans Hertz, Lotzkat & Köhler 2013 Bolitoglossa jugivagans Panama
Amphibia Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa mombachoensis Köhler & McCranie 1999 Bolitoglossa mombachoensis Nicaragua
Amphibia Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa synoria McCranie & Köhler 1999 Bolitoglossa synoria Honduras
Amphibia Plethodontidae Nototriton saslaya Köhler 2002 Nototriton saslaya Nicaragua
Amphibia Plethodontidae Oedipina fortunensis Köhler, Ponce & Batista 2007 Oedipina fortunensis Panama
Amphibia Plethodontidae Oedipina nica Sunyer, Wake, Townsend, Travers, Rovito, Papenfuss, Obando & Köhler 2010 Oedipina nica Nicaragua