Abundant quarry Stříbrný vrch (CZ).

Geology and Palaeontology

Teacher training project

Project for teacher training

As part of a German-Czech Interreg project for teacher training, which is supported by the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec, the Technical University of Liberec and the Senckenberg Museum in Görlitz, three events are being held for and with German and Czech teachers. Teachers of natural sciences and geography will be introduced to the topic at three extracurricular venues. The aim is to provide teachers with an interdisciplinary view of the landscape, which will give them ideas for their own lessons. The focus is on the exchange across national borders, in addition to the subject matter. For this purpose, a team of scientists will accompany the teachers at the three locations Jeschken (CZ), Ralsko (CZ) and Lausche (DE). The events will be simultaneously translated into the respective languages. Thus a good exchange is guaranteed.

For further information please see the flyer here or contact us at joerg.buechner@senckenberg.de.