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Terrestrial Zoology

At the Department of Terrestrial Zoology we study the diversity and evolution of land animals. Our extensive collections are the basis of this research, but also a vital platform for international collaboration and exchange. In six sections we examine the present-day, historical and ancient diversity of birds, amphibians, reptiles, spiders and insects and their evolution. The results of this research mainly contribute to Senckenberg’s Research Fields Biodiversity, Systematics and Evolution and Biodiversity and Environment.


Prof. Dr. Steffen U. Pauls
Head of Department Terrestrial Zoology / Head of Section Entomology III
Forschungsthemen / Research Interests
  • Molecular Systematics, Evolution and Phylogeography of Caddisflies (Trichoptera)
  • Integrative Taxonomy and Biodiversity Research
  • Population Genetics and Evolutionary Ecology of Aquatic Insects
  • Biodiversity Genomics with Museum Specimens

(* corresponding author; +equal contribution; undergraduate student)


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Highlighted as Fast-Breaking Paper in Plant & Animal Science December 2010 by Thomson Reuters Essential Science Indicators:

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