Collection of Scientific Literature

In November 2011, Dr Jörg Rosenberg (Soest, Germany) presented his collection of scientific literature on  „Myriapoda“ with a focus on   „Chilopoda“ to the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz, comprising 3924 documents from 1945 authors, published between 1651 and 2011.

This collection is the result of decades of thorough research, alphabetically sorted and linked digitally in a database with about 500 keywords for quick access.

Dr Karin Voigtländer  as the Head of Section Myriapoda of the Senckenberg Museum in Görlitz appreciated the collection, including an electronic version of data on CD-ROM, as a most valuable contribution to the museum’s existing bibliographic database. Due to its focus on functional morphology of Chilopoda, these data will be of particular use for the new data warehouse „Edaphobase“, currently being established at the Senckenberg Museum Görlitz and intended to collect and provide data on distribution and ecology of soil animals for subsequent ecological analyses.These data will be incorporated in „Edaphobase“ and, once activated, be available online free of charge for all users and interested parties.

Dr Jörg Rosenberg  has spent more than 30 years of scientific work on study and description of various organ systems of Chilopoda. The results of his studies have been published in national and international scientific journals. In 2009 he published the monograph “Die Hundertfüßer” (with contributions by Dr. Karin Voigtländer and Prof. Dr Gero Hilken) as part of the series “Die Neue Brehm-Bücherei” (Westarp Wissenschaften, Hohenwarsleben, Germany). Together with colleagues, he contributed several chapters to the review volume on Chilopoda “Treaties on Zoology – Anatomy, Taxonomy, Biology: The Myriapoda, Volume I (ed. A. Minelli) appeared in 2011 (Brill, Leiden, the Netherlands).