There are more than 10.000 ways to become a sponsor of our museum

Some are really tiny or enormously big, some brand new or practically ancient, some so cute you could almost hug them – such are the more than 10.000 exhibits of the Naturmuseum Senckenberg Frankfurt which embody the infinite abundance of nature in both past and present.

How about gifting yourself a sponsorship of your favorite exhibit or treating a loved one with such an extraordinary and special gift? Our sponsors can choose from a wide and diverse variety so that everyone will be able to find an exhibit that is just as unique as they are themselves.

And there is surely something for every occasion: the Atlantic Footballfish for winning a game, the Grey-headed Lovebird for a wedding, one of our beautiful minerals for Mother’s Day or maybe just someone’s favorite snake as their birthday present.

By doing so you help us preserve our valuable exhibits, acquire new display cases and improve ventilation and lighting.

A short overview on the sponsoring benefits

  • you directly support the Naturmuseum Senckenberg
  • as a thank you gift you will receive a certificate confirming your sponsorship
  • the display case of your sponsored exhibit will bear a badge with your name
  • once a year you will be invited to our sponsoring day including a free visit to our museum
  • you will receive a 15% discount on a membership in the Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung

A little glimpse into the wide variety of our exhibits:

Patenschaft Feldmaus
Common Vole
Patenschaft Rotnacken-Topaskolibri
Crimson Topaz
Patenschaft Texas-Krötenechse
Texas Horned Lizard
Patenschaft Zwergpinguin
Little Penguin
Patenschaft Lanzenotter
Patenschaft Seychellen-Flughund
Flying Fox
Patenschaft Zweifingerfaultier
Two-toed Sloth
Patenschaft Weißbauchschuppentier
African Tree Pangolin
Patenschaft Kurzschwanzkolibri
Goliath Frog
Patenschaft Schwarzweiße Kobra
Forest Cobra
Patenschaft Uhu
Eagle Owl
Patenschaft Blaukrönchen
Blue-crowned Hanging Parrott
Patenschaft Südliches Siebenbinden-Gürteltier
Lesser Long-nosed Armadillo
Patenschaft Kleinschnabelkolibri
Purple-backed Thornbill
Patenschaft Wanderrate
Brown Rat
Patenschaft Campeche-Schwarzleguan
Campeche Spiny-tailed Iguana