Botany and Molecular Evolution

Former employees of the division

Kurt Baumann, Appointed honorary staff member Phanerogams 1993-2015

Selina Becker, Technical assistant Cryptogams 2009-2013

Dipl.-Biol. Robert von Blittersdorff, Appointed honorary staff member 2011-2015

Dr. Fabian Bratzel, Research associate Phanerogams 2019-2020

Rainer Döring, Technical assistant Phanerogams 1978-2023

Dipl.-Biol. Matthias Fehlow, Research associate Biodiversity Mapping 1999-2000

Maike Fibian, Technical assistant DNA bank 2011-2014

Anja Frank, Technical assistant Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2004

Annika Henche, Technical assistant Biodiversity Mapping

Dr. Thomas Janßen, PostDoc Phanerogams 2007-2008

Carmen Jung, Technical assistant Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2008-2012

Elke Kielmann, Technical assistant Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2006-2008

Dipl.-Ing. agr. Karsten Kühn, Head of Section “Pflanzenökologie & Bodenkunde” 1975-2006

Frank Lappe, Technical assistant Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2012-2021

Ute Lehmann, Technical assistant Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 1995-2004

Dipl.-Biol. Andreas Malten, Research associate Biodiversity Mapping until 2021

Dr. Sabine Matuszak-Renger, Research associate Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2014-2021

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Müllner-Riehl, PostDoc Phanerogams 2006-2010, BiK-F and Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2010-2012

Dr. Juraj Paule, Head of Molecular Evolution of Plants section and Head of Grunelius Möllgaard Laboratory for Molecular Evolution 2011-2022

Sergio Pérez-Ortega, PostDoc Cryptogams 2005-2007

Kathrin Preuß, Technical assistant Goethe Univ. Frankfurt 2009-2010

Dipl.-Biol. Hans Redeker, Research associate Phanerogams and Biodiversity Mapping 1983-1996

Dipl.-Biol. Sabine Schartner, Research associate Biodiverstiy Mapping

Dr. Marco Schmidt, Research associate UNDESERT project

Dr. Julio V. Schneider, Research associate Phanerogams

Dr. Heribert Schöller, Research associate Cryptogams

Dr. Jan Schnitzler, PostDoc Phanerogams 2009-2011

Sandra Wilwert, Technical assistant Cryptogams 2020-2021 (parental leave representation) and 2022-2024