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Biodiversity Inventory in the Main-Kinzig Kreis

Diversity on the doorstep

The aim of this project is to bundle the currently scattered knowledge of regional biodiversity in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis in an interactive Internet portal (species database) and to make it freely accessible to all citizens. This is intended to develop the Main-Kinzig-Kreis into one of the best documented regions in Germany. The Internet portal is designed in such a way that anyone can enter discovery data, but can also view maps of all existing species, showing where they occur – virtually on their own doorstep.

In addition to the use of the data by interested citizens (hobby faunists and florists; where can I find which animals and plants in my region?), the portal is also significant for authorities, nature conservation associations and research institutions.

Another focus is on schools (students and teachers), in order to specifically enable the integration of regional biodiversity into lessons. A guiding question here is: Why do we need species diversity (biodiversity) in general and on our doorstep? Among other things, the Internet portal helps to find species relevant to teaching in a targeted manner in the surrounding area. In addition, students can get involved in data preparation during project weeks.

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Stiftung Flughafen Frankfurt/Main
Bürgerstiftung Hanau Stadt und Land
Stiftung der Kreissparkasse Gelnhausen
Stiftung Hessischer Naturschutz