Sponsors and Partners

Our sponsors and partners which are helping us preserve the valuable diversity of life have the following benefits for their valued partnership:

  • Active communication
  • social recognition for their partnership with one of Germany’s most prominent research facilities
  • access to an assortment of target groups from all age-groups
  • can attend events and exhibitions for clients and employees
  • certification and documentation of their successful social participation

As a sponsor you are part of our international reputation. We offer a wide range of sponsoring packages such as:

  • room sponsoring, i.e. for the second Lichthof (whales and elephants)
  • project sponsoring for new and existing exhibitions
  • promotional sponsoring at current or future events

We are looking forward to your participation. Please contact Martin Čepek (see left column) for more detailed information and a compilation of your individual sponsoring package.

Our Sponsors and Partners

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