Leaf Venation Image Database

Leaf venation data are widely used in different research fields such as systematics and evolutionary biology macroevolutionary trends, plant physiology, functional biodiversity, and paleoecology (e.g., as a proxy for climate reconstruction). Here, we provide microradiographic images of leaf venation networks based on specimens of the Herbarium Senckenbergianum and 2D X-ray and 3D micro-computed tomography technology.

Leaf venation images can be retrieved at the Senckenberg collection management system SeSam or its successor AQUiLA and the Cleared Leaf Image Database. In addition, the GFBio portal provides links to the image files. For further information, please go to the search page.

The database has been developed in the framework of the project „Development of new standards for massive digitization of leaf vein traits based on herbarium collections using microradiographic imaging“ (funded by the LIS-Programme of the DFG). This is a joint project of the Senckenberg departments “Botany and Molecular Evolution“, „Paleoanthropology and Messel Research“ (both Frankfurt) and “Botany” (Görlitz).