Aha?! Science Lab

A new hands-on area for research and discovery, starting on June 25, 2022 in the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt. 25. Juni 2022 im Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt

Reach inside a shark’s mouth, examine a raccoon up close, or look a flea in the eye? All that will be possible as of June 25 in the “Aha? Science Lab” at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt. In experimentally designed new rooms, inquisitive adults and children from the age of eight can actively get in touch with scientists, work on collection items, and solve problems on their own.

Nature research thrives on the excitement of gaining a better understanding of the world, piece by piece. Driven by their curiosity, scientists are constantly working on new research questions, and natural history museums present and discuss the results of this research. The “Aha? Science Lab” at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum now offers the opportunity to participate and experiment. Guided by their own interests and impulses, visitors can, among other things, measure collection objects, examine them under the microscope and draw them, discovering hidden worlds in the process.

Research boxes filled with tree discs, feathers, or shark teeth and including the accompanying research questions and ideas encourage visitors to understand connections in nature and develop their own ideas. Those who want to work creatively can draw, model, or create with natural materials.

The heart of the room houses a collection put together especially for the “Aha? Science Lab” collection, comprising almost 100 objects, from a beaver skull to cooled lava, that can be explored and examined in the lab. Themed booths offer an opportunity to explore the fascinating shapes of single-celled organisms from the deep sea or the diversity of insects. Under the microscope, structures of tiny organisms become visible. At scientific workstations, visitors can use a computer and webcam to participate in the Citizen Science project “WildLIVE! – Discover the wild animals of Bolivia” or observe eagles on their nest via webcam.

On June 25, the day of the opening, the “Aha? Science Lab” even spills over into the permanent exhibition: At various stations in the museum, visitors can explore, conduct research, and talk to experts.

The “Aha? Science Lab” is continuously supervised by science educators. In addition, researchers will regularly report on their work and projects on site and be available to answer visitors’ questions.

The “Aha? Science Lab” is a permanent part of the museum and, as of June 25, 2022, will be open at the following times: Tue and Thu 1 to 5 pm, Wed 10 am to 6 pm, Fri / Sat / Sun 10 am to 5 pm. The lab is closed on Mondays

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