Feuersalamander Ausstellung Amphibios

Fire salamander – where are you?

Join in! The Lost and Found Campaign for the Protection of the Fire Salamander in Saxon Switzerland

Have you by chance seen a fire salamander in Saxon Switzerland? Please report him!

The population of the fire salamander is declining in Germany. In order to better study and thus protect the fire salamander, the Saxon Switzerland National Park depends on the assistance of the public. For targeted protection, it is important to know where animals are currently still found in Saxon Switzerland. Therefore, reports from attentive nature observers about accidental finds with photographic evidence are a valuable contribution.

Report fire salamanders – here’s how:

Make a valuable contribution to species conservation and nature research. Please report all accidental finds – including dead finds – with a photo and stating the place of discovery:

1. take a picture (follow the instructions above!)

2. note the place of discovery (GPS coordinates or exact description), so that the evidence is clear

3. send one photo per individual with date of discovery, location and your email address

You can send us your message in the following ways:


  • * by e-mail to nationalparkzentrum(at)lanu.de or
  • * by WhatsApp +49 (0)151 54842129 (please don’t forget your email address for the finding database)



PD Dr. Raffael Ernst

Herpetologist by passion and tropical ecologist by training (or vice versa) I have been heading the herpetology section at the Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden since 2010. As animal ecologist I am interested in how phylogeny and ecology drive patterns of functional diversity in biological communities and how elucidating underlying processes can guide conservation management decisions. I have been engaged in tropical research, particularly in the Neo- and Afrotropics, for over two decades.

1992/93 Onalaska High-School, WI, USA
Scholarship of the Parlamentarische Patenschafts-Programm (PPP) German Bundestag – US Congress

1997 – 2001 Universities of Mainz, Marburg and Würzburg,
Dipl. Biol. Univ., Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg (chair: Prof. Dr. K.E. Linsenmair)

2002 – 2006 University Würzburg
Dr. rer. nat., Department of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology (supervision: Prof. K.E. Linsenmair, PD M.-O. Rödel University Würzburg & Prof. W. Hödl, University Vienna) – DAAD-Promotionsstipendium

2005 – 2007 Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart,
Scientific intern, Department of Zoology Forschungsmuseum Schloss Rosenstein

2007 – 2010 Technische Universität Berlin
Scientific assistant – Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Biodiversity Dynamics, (chair: Prof. Dr. F. Dziock)

2010 –Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden
Curator – Museum of Zoology, Section Herpetology

2014 Technische Universität Berlin
Habilitation – Fakultät VI, Institute of Ecology, Prof. I. Kowarik
Facultas docendi: Biodiversity Dynamics & Ecosystem Science

2022 Technische Universität Dresden
Privatdozent – School of Science – Faculty of Biology


Honorary positions

Board member Society for Tropical Ecology

International Herpetological Committee (2012 -2016)

Associate Editor Amphibia Reptilia

Associate Editor Ecotropica

Associate Editor Vertebrate Zoology