19. April 3 pm (sharp) Festsaal/ballroom of Senckenberg (Jügelhaus, Frankfurt)

Keynote Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Thurner

President of the Complexity Science Hub in Vienna

Stefan Thurner is a world-class scientist focusing on complex systems understanding – from collective human behavior to evolutionary processes.
He will provide the keynote lecture at the Award Ceremony of the Johanna Quandt Young Academy (with three new fellows from Senckenberg!). The ceremony will be opened by the president of the Goethe University, Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff.
The lecture will take place in the Festsaal/ballroom of Senckenberg (Jügelhaus, Frankfurt) and will start (sharp) at 3 pm (19 April 2024). Please register using the following form, because there will be a limit of about 40 slots for Senckenberg scientists.