Vertebrate Zoology

Issues 2018

Issue 68 (3) 2018


Coetzer, W. G. &  J. P. Grobler
Identifying Rhabdomys museum specimens following taxonomic changes: use of short COI sequences
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Opaev, A., Red’kin, Y., Kalinin, E. & M. Golovina
Species limits in Northern Eurasian taxa of the common stonechats, Saxicola torquatus complex (Aves: Passeriformes, Muscicapidae)
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Sittig, L., Römer, U., Gilleman, C. &  Ney Gerver Gongora Torres
Population numbers of Amazon river dolphins Inia geoffrensis and Sotalia fluviatilis (Mammalia: Cetaceae: Delphinidae) in the lower Río Tigre region, Loreto, Perú
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Gabadage, D., Surasinghe, T., De Silva, A., Somaweera, R., Madurapperuma, B., Madawala, M. & S. Karunarathna
Ecological and zoological study of endemic Sri Lankan keelback (Balanophis ceylonensis): with implications for its conservations
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Langer, P. & M. Clauss
Morphological adaptation of the eutherian gastrointestinaltract to diet
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R. Morgenstern
Fishes collected by Emanuel Ritter von Friedrichsthal in Central America between 1838 –1841
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Kindler C. & U. Fritz
Phylogeography and taxonomy of the barred grass snake (Natrix helvetica), with a discussion
of the subspecies category in zoology
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Issue 68 (2) 2018


Günther, R., S. Richards & B. Tjaturadi
Two new frog species from the Foja Mountains in northwestern New Guinea (Amphibia, Anura, Microhylidae) 
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Acosta-Galvis, A. R. & M. Vargas-Ramírez
A new species of Hyloxalus Jiménez De La Espada, 1871 ‘‘1870’’ (Anura: Dendrobatidae: Hyloxalinae) from a cloud forest near Bogotá, Colombia, with comments on the subpunctatus clade

Clemen, G. & H. Greven
Long-term effects of arrested metamorphosis on dental systems in Salamandra salamandra (Salamandridae: Urodela)
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Kaya, A., M. Moradi Gharakhloo & Y. Coskun
Geographic variation in the skull morphology of Ellobius lutescens Thomas, 1897 (Mammalia: Rodentia) by geometric morphometric analyses
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Lalramliana,  J. D. M Knight, D. Van Lalhlimpuia & M. Singh
Integrative taxonomy reveals a new species of snakehead fish, Channa stiktos (Teleostei: Channidae), from Mizoram, North Eastern India

Picasso M.B.J. & M.C. Mosto
Wing myology of Caracaras (Aves, Falconiformes): muscular features associated with flight behavior
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Issue 68 (1) 2018


Abi-Said, M. R., N. T. Outa, H. Makhlouf, Z.S. Amr & E. Eid
Illegal Trade in Wildlife Species in Beirut, Lebanon
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Greven, H. & G.-D. Guex
Histology and fine structure of epidermal papillomas in the Alpine newt Ichthyosaura alpestris (Urodela: Salamandridae)

Lambertz, M., N. Arenz & K. Grommes
Variability in pulmonary reduction and asymmetry in a serpentiform lizard: The sheltopusik, Pseudopus apodus (Pallas, 1775) PDF 1MB

Mecke, S. & P. Doughty
A new species of Eremiascincus (Squamata: Sauria: Scincidae) from the Pilbara region of Western Australia 

Ng, H. H.
Under an assumed name: the identity of Nanobagrus fuscus (Popta, 1904) clarified (Actinopterygii: Siluriformes) 

Ottoni, F. P.
Update of diagnoses, information on distribution, species, and key for identification of Laetacara species (Teleostei,
Cichlidae, Cichlasomatini) PDF 3MB

Peixoto, D., W. Klein, A. S. Abe & A. L. Da Cruz
Functional morphology of the lungs of the green iguana, Iguana iguana, in relation of body mass (Squamata: Reptilia)

Üzüm, N., Ç. Ilgaz, A. Avci, K. Candan, H. Güler & Y. Kumlutas
Comparison of the body size and age structure of Lebanon lizard, Phoenicolacerta laevis (Gray, 1838) at different altitudes in Turkey PDF 1MB

Faiman, R., D. Abergil, G. Babocsay, E. Razzetti, H. Seligmann & Y. L. Werner
A review of sexual dimorphism of eye size in Colubroidea snakes PDF 1.5MB