Biodiversität und Erdsystemdynamik

SBIK-F Arbeitsgruppe

Biogeographie und Ökosystemforschung

Wir  entwickeln Modelle, um den Zusammenhang zwischen Klimawandel, biologischer Vielfalt und Ökosystemfunktionen in der Vergangenheit sowie in der Zukunft und auf lokalen sowie auf globalen Skalen zu untersuchen.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hickler
Professor for Biogeography, Head of Research Group 'Biogeography and Ecosystem Ecology', 'Quantitative Biogeography', Speaker of GRADE Sustain (Goethe Graduate Academy)

My main research interest is to understand the distribution of life on earth (e.g. species, biodiversity, vegetation types, ecosystems) through space and time. I am particularly interested in interactions between climate and the terrestrial biosphere. This includes potential impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems and associated ecosystem services, as well as the role of the biosphere in the earth climate system (e.g. carbon and water cycling). Methodologically, vegetation and ecosystem modelling at local to global scales has been at the core of my work.

Examples of current projects:

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BSc. and MSc. topics (‚Abschlussarbeiten‘)

For international publications and peer-reviewed published papers, see my profile on Google Scholar or my Web of Science Researcher ID S-6287-2016

For further publications, e.g. IPBES assessments, see Further publications (pdf)