Abfrage & Analyse

Queries of the data contained in Edaphobase are possible via the online (browser-based) Edaphobase Query Portal.

While the Edaphobase Query Portal is open access and available to everyone, only rather coarse queries can be performed by anonymous users (without registration to the database).

Full functionality and deeper queries with more sophisticated data-analysis options and, especially, creation of user-defined data tables with data-export functions are only available for registered users. Registration in Edaphobase is easy and uncomplicated and is described further below.

The Edaphobase Query Portal allows (in full functional mode):

Registration to the Edaphobase Query Portal:

Registration occurs by clicking “Create a new account” behind the “Log in” arrow in the upper left corner of the Edaphobase Query Portal browser window.

Here you are asked to provide your name and institution (or “private”) as well as user name, e-mail address and password. An activation e-mail is automatically sent to the address provided. After activating the account (by clicking the link provided in the e-mail), full access is available to the Edaphobase Query Portal with your user log-in and password.

None of the provided personal data is made publically available nor is it shared with any external sources whatsoever. This registration simply limits misuse of the data base. See the Edaphobase Data Policy for more details.