Daten Download

Edaphobase offers various possibilities for downloading queried data and information, which are only available to registered users 

Please note the following Edaphobase Terms and Conditions for data use:

  • You may not use this data or any product you derive from them for commercial use without first obtaining written permission from the data providers.
  • You must credit the data providers for any material you publish or make publically available. Please consult the dataset’s metadata for reference information.
  • Data providers may restrict public open access and/or use of their datasets in addition to the Edaphobase Terms and Conditions. Please consult the dataset’s metadata. If you require more detailed access, please apply to the data provider.
  • If you are granted detailed access to restricted datasets, you may not disseminate this information without written permission from the data providers.


The Edaphobase Query Portal being a browser application limits the currently available download functions to two methods:

Tables (data record-list [“flat”] tables or contingency [matrix] tables) can be downloaded (saved) as “Edaphobase-Export.csv” (text) files using the “Export” button in the table views.

After clicking on this button, it is not recommended to choose the subsequently offered “open with … Excel” function, as different Excel® versions may create changes in the data formats, rendering them unusable.

Instead, it is recommended to save the file (it will be saved in your browser’s default folder) and then import the csv file in your preferred software. (In Excel® this would be “from Text” in the “Data” Menu; please choose the “Unicode (UTF-8)” format in “data origin” in the subsequent dialog for best results.)

Procedures for saving maps are more involved, but allow a certain degree of personalizing the maps. First, in the Map View, click the “add to print view” button:

This will lead you to a “Print Preparation” tab, where you can personalize some features of the displayed map. After deselecting the “Layout [edit] mode”, the “Print” button allows you to either print the map or save (“print”) it to a file (as a bitmap file; vector files are currently not possible). Use the options available in your computer’s “printer” dialog to choose the file format (png is recommended).