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Team Phylogeography
Prof. Dr.  Uwe Fritz
Stellvertretender Direktor SNSD, Fachgebietsleiter Phylogeographie Abteilungsleiter Museum für Tierkunde


Team Phylogeography Melita_Vamberger_Feldarbeit_res
Dr.  Melita Vamberger
10_Jürgen SchulzMolgen Team
Dr.  Christian Kehlmaier
Manager Ancient-DNA-Labor

Key expertise Taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, laboratory techniques (Sanger, NGS),
ancient DNA, Diptera (extant & fossil)
Professional experience
since 2014 Laboratory Manager at Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden,
2005 – 2013 Laboratory Technician at Senckenberg Natural History Collections
Dresden, Germany
2001 – 2004 Scientific-trainee, Diptera section, State Natural History Collections
Dresden, Germany
University education
2009 Dissertation (PhD), Leuphana-University, Lüneburg, Germany
1999 Magister Artium (M.A.) in Applied Cultural Sciences, University Lüneburg,

Team Phylogeography
Marika Asztalos

I am working on the phylogeography and hybridization of green lizards (Lacerta viridis complex) – but snakes are also not too bad.

Cäcilia Spitzweg
Cäcilia Spitzweg
PhD Studentin

I am working on several turtle projects, among others within the frame of the Cold Code initiative

Team Phylogeography
Dr.  Flora Ihlow

I am working on the diversity of African Hinge-back Tortoises (Kinixys).

Team Phylogeography
Juan-Pablo Hurtado
PhD Student