Our current Fellows

Marcos Krull (PostDoc)Dr. Marianna SimõesPredicting the rate of spread of invasive insects using open and citizen science data
Fabrizio Marcondes Machado (PostDoc)Prof. Dr. Julia SigwartUnlocking the knowledge of archived rare bivalves: an integrative approach
Maria Victoria Fernandez Blanco (PostDoc)Dr. Ingmar WerneburgUnderstanding the macroevolution of the braincase in Pseudosuchia (crocodylian lineage of archosaurs)
Mohammad Taghi BadihaghProf. Dr. Dieter UhlEstablish new techniques for the study of fossil plants - develop DFG project
Dr. Melissa Kay Boonzaaier-Davids (PostDoc)Prof. Dr. Pedro ArbizuRevising some problematic and cryptic bryozoan species using modern SEM and molecular methods
Ireene-Rose Madindou (PhD)Prof. Dr. Peter HaaseCongregatory Waterfoul species in 32 wetland areas monitored for 30 years (analysis of trends)