Archiv für Molluskenkunde


Bände der letzten Jahre (ab Bd. 120, 1990) sind kostenpflichtig über den Verlag Schweizerbart auch online verfügbar.

Ältere Bände von Archiv für Molluskenkunde (Bd. 52, 1920 bis Bd. 55, 1923) und vom Vorgänger Nachrichtsblatt der Deutschen Malakozoologischen Gesellschaft (Bd. 1, 1869 bis Bd. 51, 1919), sind online frei zugänglich über die Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Aktuelle Heft des Archiv für Molluskenkunde

Heft 147(2), Erscheinungstermin 20. December 2018


  • Cosel, R. von & Gracia, A.: A new mussel species, Gigantidas samario (Bivalvia: Mytilidae: Bathymodiolinae), from hydrocarbon seep communities of the Caribbean coast of Colombia 173–179
  • Sitnikova, T.Ya.: Review of Valvatidae (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) endemic to Lake Baikal, with taxonomic and morphological notes 181–201
  • Gittenberger, E., Leda, P., Sherub, S. & Páll-Gergely, B.: Endothyrella Zilch, 1960 in Bhutan (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Plectopylidae), with a description of three new species 203–213
  • Dell’Angelo, B., Renda, W., Sosso, M. & Giacobbe, S.: 138 years later: new data on Callistochiton (Allerychiton) pachylasmae (Monterosato, 1879) from its type locality, the Strait of Messina 215–221
  • Anistratenko, V. V., Anistratenko, O. Yu. & Shydlovskyy, I. V.: Karl E. von Baer’s collection of Caspian Sea molluscs stored in the Zoological Museum of Lviv University, Ukraine. Part 1. Catalogue and general description 223–236

Hefte 2016-2018

Heft 147(1), Erscheinungstermin 29. Juni 2018


  • Yonow, N. & Jensen, K.R.: Results of the Rumphius Biohistorical Expedition to Ambon (1990). Part 17. The Cephalaspidea, Anaspidea, Pleurobranchida, and Sacoglossa (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) 1–48
  • Esu, D. & Girotti, O.: Valvata mathiasi n. sp. (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Valvatidae) from the Lower Pliocene of the Val di Pesa (Tuscany, Central Italy) 49–54
  • Aravind, N.A. & Páll-Gergely, B.: Dicharax (?) bawai n. sp. from southern India (Gastropoda: Cyclophoroidea: Alycaeidae) 55–62
  • Sitnikova, T.Ya., Peretolchina, T.E., Anistratenko, V.V., Anistratenko, O.Yu. & Palatov, D.M.:  Variability and taxonomy of South Caucasian freshwater snails of the genus ShadiniaAkramowski, 1976 (Caenogastropoda: Hydrobiidae) based on new morphological and molecular data 63–76
  • Batomalaque, G.A. & Rosenberg, G.:  Three new species of Zaptyx (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Clausiliidae) from the Babuyan and Batanes islands, Philippines 77–86
  • Cianfanelli, S., Bodon, M., Somoza, E. & Gómez Moliner, B.J.:  A new azecid from the Carnic Pre-Alps: Hypnocarnica micaelae gen. et sp. nov. (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Azecidae) 87–100
  • Salvador, R.B., Charles, L., Simone, L.R.L. & Maestrati, P.:  Terrestrial gastropods from Pedra Talhada Biological Reserve, Alagoas state, Brazil, with the description of a new species of Radiodiscus (Gastropoda: Charopidae) 101–128
  • Walther, F., Neiber, M.T. & Hausdorf, B.:  Systematic revision of the Caucasigenini (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) from the Caucasus region 129–169
  • Boeters, H.D., Glöer, P. & Stamenković, V.S.:  Corrigenda to Boeters, Glöer & Stamenković (2017) “The Radomaniola/Grossuana group from the Balkan Peninsula …“171

Heft 146(2), Erscheinungstermin 20. Dezember 2017


  • Boeters, H.D., Glöer, P. & Stamenković, V.S.: The Radomaniola/Grossuana group from the Balkan Peninsula, with a description of Grossuana maceradica n. sp. and the designation of a neotype of Paludina hohenackeri Küster, 1853 (Caenogastropoda: Truncatelloidea: Hydrobiidae) 187–202
  • de Winter, A.J.: “Dwarfs among pygmies”: the genus Punctum in western Africa and the Congo Basin, with descriptions of two new species and notes on other Afrotropical punctoids (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata: Punctidae) 203–211
  • Anistratenko, V.V., Zettler, M.L. & Anistratenko, O.: On the taxonomic relationship between Theodoxus pallasi and T. astrachanicus (Gastropoda: Neritidae) from the Ponto-Caspian region 213–226
  • Czaja, A., Estrada-Rodríguez, J.L., Romero-Méndez, U., Ávila-Rodríguez, V., Meza-Sánchez, I.G. & Covich, A.P.: New species and records of phreatic snails (Caenogastropoda: Cochliopidae) from the Holocene of Coahuila, Mexico 227–232
  • Salvador, R.B. & Rasser, M.W.: Fossil terrestrial and freshwater Gastropoda from the Early/Middle Miocene of Heuchlingen, Germany 233–241
  • Dell’Angelo, B., Renda, W., Sosso, M., Sigwart, J. D. & Giacobbe, S.: A new species of Callochiton (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) from the Strait of Messina (central Mediterranean) 243–250
  • Rizhinashvili, A.L.: The hinge in Unio tumidus Retzius, 1778 (Bivalvia: Unionidae) may reflect anthropogenic development in the waterbody catchment 251–261

Heft 146(1), Erscheinungstermin 29. Juni 2017


  • Editorial 1
  • Odabaşı, S. & Odabaşı, D.A.: Bithynia kayrae n. sp. (Gastropoda: Bithyniidae), a new species from freshwaters of Biga Peninsula (northwestern Anatolia, Turkey) 3–8
  • Shirokaya, A.A., Sitnikova, T. Ya., Kijashko, P.V., Shydlovskyy, I.V., Prozorova, L.A. & Yamamuro, M.: A review of the Lake Baikal limpets, family Acroloxidae Thiele, 1931 (Mollusca: Pulmonata: Hygrophila), based on type specimens, with keys to the genera 9–64
  • Neiber, M.T. & Hausdorf, B.: Monacha (Metatheba) tibarenica sp. nov. (Gastropoda: Hygromiidae) from northern Turkey 65–69
  • Breure, A. S.H. & Backhuys, W.: Sauveur Abel Aubert Petit de la Saussaye (1792–1870), his malacological work and taxa, with notes on his correspondence 71–96
  • Kadolsky, D.: On the type species of the genus Galactochilus Sandberger, 1875, with a review of the identity of Helix cornumilitare Linnaeus, 1758 and of its misidentifications (Gastropoda: Helicoidea) 97–110
  • Simone, L.R.L.: A new species of Thaisella (Neogastropoda: Muricidae) from Caribbean Guatemala, with accounts on the anatomy and taxonomy of the genus in the Western Atlantic 111–120
  • Dayrat, B. & Goulding, T.C.: Systematics of the onchidiid slug Onchidina australis (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pulmonata) 121–133
  • Yonow, N.: Results of the Rumphius Biohistorical Expedition to Ambon (1990). Part 16. The Nudibranchia–Dendronotina, Arminina, Aeolidina, and Doridina (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) 135–172
  • Miquel, S.E. & Bungartz, F.: Snails found among herbarium specimens of Galapagos lichens and bryophytes, with the description of Scolodonta rinae (Gastropoda: Scolodontidae), a new species of carnivorous micro-mollusk

Heft 145(2), Erscheinungstermin 20. Dezember 2016


  • Birckolz, C.J., Salvador, R.B., Cavallari, D.C. & Simone, L.R.L.: Illustrated checklist of newly described (2006–2016) land and freshwater Gastropoda from Brazil 133–150
  • Kadolsky, D., Binder, H. & Neubauer, T.A.: Taxonomic review of the fossil land gastropod species hitherto placed in the genus Galactochilus Sandberger 1875, with the description of a new genus (Gastropoda: Helicoidea) 151–188
  • Neiber, M.T., Walther, F., Santana, J., Alonso, M.R. & Ibáñez, M.: A new Obelus Hartmann 1842 species from the Jandía Peninsula, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, with the description of Grohiellus n. subgen. (Helicoidea: Geomitridae: Cochlicellini) 189–194

Heft 145(1), Erscheinungstermin 30. Juni 2016


  • Miquel, S.E. & Cerdeño, E.: First record of the Chilean gastropod Chiliborus in the Oligocene of Mendoza (Argentina) (Gastropoda Pulmonata: Strophocheilidae) 1–6
  • Esu, D. & Girotti, O.: New Plio-Pleistocene freshwater gastropods from Tuscany and Umbria, with comments about confined Neogene-Quaternary basins of Central Italy (Gastropoda: Viviparidae, Hydrobiidae) 7–22
  • Harzhauser, M., Mandic, O., Büyükmeriç, Y., Neubauer, T.A., Kadolsky, D. & Landau, B.M.: A Rupelian mangrove swamp mollusc fauna from the Thrace Basin in Turkey 23–58
  • Salvador, R.B., Cavallari, D.C. & Simone, L.R.L.: Taxonomical study on a sample of land snails from Alto Ribeira State Park (São Paulo, Brazil), with description of a new species 59–68
  • Rowson, B. & Herbert, D.G.: The type species and circumscription of the species-rich Afrotropical snail genus Gulella L. Pfeiffer 1856, based on anatomical and mtDNA data (Mollusca: Eupulmonata: Streptaxidae) 69–84
  • Subai, P. & Neubert, E.: Revision of the Ariantinae. 4. The genus Faustina Kobelt 1904 (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Helicidae) 85–110
  • Salvador, R.B. & Rasser, M.W.: Fossil land and freshwater gastropods from the Middle Miocene of Bechingen and Daugendorf, southwestern Germany 111–124
  • Nordsieck, H.: Three remarkable fossil Helicoidea species (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora) 125–132