G. Weigmann III


Gerd Weigmann Institute of Zoology,
Koenigin-Luise-Str. 1–3, 14195 Berlin, Germany;


Oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) from the coastal region of Portugal.
III. New species of Scutoverticidae and Scheloribatidae


Three new species of Oribatida were found from soils of different coastal habitats in South Portugal. Scutovertex mikoi sp.
nov. (Scutoverticidae) is the smallest European species of the genus, collected in a low dune area of the estuary of Ribeiro
de Aljezur, western Algarve. Micropirnodus longissimus gen. nov, sp. nov. (Scheloribatidae s. lat.) is described and compared with members of Parapirnodus, which are considered the closest known relatives. The species was collected from a shrubby vegetation area on rock substrate, in the estuary of Ribeiro de Aljezur, adjacent to the dune area with S. mikoi sp. nov. The monodactylous Scheloribates (Euscheloribates) algarvensis sp. nov. (Scheloribatidae) was collected from salt marshes in the Lagoon of Faro, southern Algarve. Its systematic position is discussed, and a new taxonomic status of Euscheloribates as subgenus of Scheloribates is proposed.


taxonomy, systematics, marine salt marsh, coastal dune, coastal bush vegetation