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lumbricidae enchytraeidae Anatonchus_tridentatus oppiella nova neojordensia_levis collembola Chilopoda_Cryptops parisi ommatoiulus sabulosus (L.,1758) Trachelipus_ratzeburgi
– Data input & output –
Import of Data into edaphobase
Lists of data may currently be imported into edaphobase exclusively by the edaphobase administrators using a template Excel sheet (Excel 97-2003;   Excel as 2007) and comment (currently available only in German).
To maintain consistency of the data, we suggest using the lists browser software (Browser for Lists) in conjunction with the data tables.
The programme can be downloaded here '' '', and started after unpacking as executable file ''slb_v0.101.exe'' or java -jar ''slb_v0.101.jar''. This archive also contains the data folder with files for thesaurus lists. Please note that the list browser files should not be saved in the same folder as the input client but in a separate subdirectory.
Export of Data from edaphobase
Due to protection of unpublished data, an extensive data export funtion is not available to the public. For research reasons, please contact the responsible scientists.
Despite the restricted export funtions, all edaphobase data are used during computations in the data-mining processes.

Please note the following edaphobase Terms and Conditions for data access:

  • You may not make commercial profit from these data or from any product you derive from them without first obtaining written permission from the data providers.
  • You must credit the data providers for any material you use. Please consult the dataset's Metadata for reference information.
  • If you are granted detailed access to dataset, such as access to sensitive records, you must not disseminate this information without written permission from the data providers.
  • Data providers may impose Specific Terms of Access and/or Use on their datasets in addition to the edaphobaseTerms and Conditions. Please consult the dataset's Metadata.

Notice on data access:

edaphobase does not hold all existing biodiversity records for Germany and its adjacent countries. Hence absence of records should not be taken as evidence of absence of a species or Habitat in a given area.
Some data providers restrict public access to datasets by 'blurring' the resolution. If you require more detailed access, please apply to the data provider before downloading the records.
More Interfaces
edaphobase is a GBIF Germany provider. The data integrated in edaphobase is harvested by a BioCase-Wrapper and imported into the GBIF database.


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