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Protoceratops spec.

Order: Ornithischia
Suborder: Cerapoda
Infraorder:  Marginocephalia
Diet:   plants
Weight: up to approx. 180 kilogrammes
Length: up to approx. 1,80 metres
Age: approx. 80 million years (Upper Cretaceous)
Fossil site: Gobi Dessert (Mongolia)
at Senckenberg: original

The name Protoceratops refers to its membership in the superfamily of horn faces (Ceratopsidae). The development of the later three-horned dinosaur began with these early horn-faced dinosaurs. Protoceratops itself was still hornless, but already had a neck shield.
It likely grazed on low-growing plants with its beak. A spectacular find of 1971 shows that
Protoceratops could protect itself with its powerful beak against predators such as Velociraptor .
Of this genus, not only the skeletons of adult animals, but all age groups, and even eggs are known. The eggs were found still lying together, sometimes with bones of young animals. The Protoceratops specimens come from Mongolia (Gobi desert).
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