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Scientific Coordination Office

The Senckenberg Scientific Coordination Office (Wiko) is responsible for the exchange of knowledge and information between employees, locations and institutes, as well as for communication with funding bodies, scientific organizations and science policy.

Wiko accompanies the strategic and structural development of the Senckenberg programs and research areas and is the central organ of the transfer of knowledge, in accordance with the Leibniz motto "Theoria cum praxi". In addition, Wiko supports Senckenberg's researchers in internal networking activities. We are also responsible for organizational support of the bodies and committees of the Senckenberg Society, including the Scientific Advisory Board and the Scientific Committee

Moreover, Wiko advises and supports scientists in third-party funding acquisition at the national as well as EU level, offers training and coaching for young academics, establishes and accompanies the alumni network and organizes scientific events and conferences.

Maintenance and further development of the reporting databases is another key element of our work as well as the preparation of the scientific reports to the donors and the organization of regular internal and external evaluations.

The Senckenberg Scientific Coordination Office is located in the rooms 1.14, 1.20 - 1.24 of the Maria-Sibylla-Merian-House, Georg-Voigt-Straße 14-16, 60325 Frankfurt am Main.

Wiko Staff and Tasks:


Dr. Kerstin Höntsch 
(Part time)
Head of Scientific Coordination Office

Tel.: + 49 69 7542 1820



Dr. Julia Krohmer
Deputy Head of Scientific Coordination Office

- Knowledge Transfer
- Support EU Research Funding

Tel.: + 49 69 7542 1837

 O. Butenschön

Dr. Olaf Butenschön
Scientific staff member

- Scientific Reporting

Tel.: + 49 69 7542 1819

 Julia Intemann

Dr. Julia Intemann
Scientific staff member

- Knowledge Transfer
Development of transfer potential at SGN (BMBF-Project SMART)

Tel.: 069 7542 1824


Dr. Sabine Telle
(Part time)
Scientific staff member

Support Third Party Funding (budget planning)
- Evaluation Planning
- Retreats and Internal Events
Citizen Science and Volunteers
Tel.: 069 7542 1823



Dr. Annette Kolb
(Part time)
Scientific staff member

- Support Third Party Funding (national funding programmes)
- Advice and Coaching for Young Scientists

- Coordination of Researcher-Alumni-Network Senckenberg (FANS)
Tel.: + 49 69 7542 1838

 Ursula Maurer

Ursula Maurer-Kranig
(Part time)

 Tel.: + 49 69 7542 1823