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IGCP Project 499

Devonian land-sea interaction: evolution of ecosystems and climate - DEVEC

International Geoscience Programme (IGCP): Geoscience in the service of society




The IGCP is a cooperative enterprise of UNESCO and the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and has been stimulating comparative studies in the Earth Sciences since 1972. After three decades of successful work, the "International Geological Correlation Programme" continued, as "International Geoscience Programme". Up to this day, IGCP has made research results available to a huge number of scientists around the world with about 500 projects.


Planet Erde - Geowissenschaften im Dienste der Menschheit

- nächster Ausstellungsort und Termin wird hier bekannt gegeben -


Im Rahmen des Internationalen Geowissenschaftlichen Programms (IGCP) der UNESCO arbeiten Wissenschaftler auch in Deutschland an anwendungsbezogener Forschung und Grundlagenforschung im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit und im Dienste der Gesellschaft.
Die Ausstellung gibt zum Internationalen Jahr des Planeten Erde 2008 einem breiten Publikum Einblicke in die aktuellen Forschungsprojekte. Themen wie z.B. das Paläoklima der Erdgeschichte, die Tsunamiforschung oder die Lagerstättenerkundung werden vorgestellt.

IGCP provides several thousands of scientists from about 150 countries with a multi-discipline platform to exchange knowledge and methodology on geological problems of global importance. Special focus is given to projects related to a safer environment, the relationship between natural geological factors and health problems, biodiversity, climate change, mineral and groundwater resources extraction. IGCP promotes collaborative projects with a special emphasis on the benefit provided to society, capacity-building and the advancement and sharing of knowledge between developed and developing nations.


IGCP contribution to sustainable development
IGCP improves the interaction and networking between geo-hydro and environmental scientists in solving fundamental geoscientific problems relevant to sustainable development. In line with the medium-term plan and the strategic outlines with the Work plan and budget (C/5) of UNESCO, IGCP is evolving from a programme with focus on fundamental sciences to a programme concentrating on applied geosciences, including mitigation of geo-hazards, such as earthquakes, landslides and volcanic eruptions. IGCP became more interdisciplinary in nature and co-operates very actively with the Division of Water Sciences to strengthen the principal priority of UNESCO in the natural sciences. New projects put a special emphasis to reach out beyond the Earth Science community to the decision-makers, government-planners and policy-makers. The geoscientific research undertaken contributes to the scientific underpinning of the planning of sustainable social-economic development.

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More information on the IGCP 499 project is provided at this website (see the headings in the left column).

UNESCO and IUGS provided financial support for IGCP 499 since 2004 which is gratefully acknowledged.